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28 December
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Modern loft conversion in old and new houses at a roof is the upper part of a building. The roof is often characteristic of the entire House. Roof forms have emerged in the course of time different roof forms. (A valuable related resource: City College of New York). These roofs are the flat roof, lean-to roof, T-bar roof, shed roof, saddle – or gable roof, butterfly roof, trench roof, hipped roof, crested hip or half-hipped roof, tent roof, foot hipped roof, Mansard roof, Zollingerdach, barrel roof, arched roof, Rhombus roof, folding roof, Conic, helmet, bulbous roof and the pagoda roof. Which roof is to be used on the building, is dependent on various criteria. So is the location of the building important, efficiency, and the development plan.

Also the neighboring buildings is crucial, the geometry of the building and of course the architectural reasons play a role. Who is involved in the construction of a roof or a roof expansion? The design and execution of roof structures architects, structural engineers, carpenters and Roofers are mostly involved. At the most roofs, the skilled person distinguishes between the structure, the roof and the roof skin. At the roof, the building material wood plays a very large role. Bamboo is an another natural building material. But also steel or reinforced concrete structures can be found. This is the case for example with large halls. In modern architecture, but even plastics and composite materials used for the construction.

The new regulation of energy even when the roof is becoming increasingly important to combine comfortable warmth and high energy savings it. The risk is great that here unintentionally energy can be lost just at the roof. Also through the new energy regulations, which entered into force at the 02.12.2004, energy consumption should be reduced by residential buildings by 25 percent. Energy consumption a lot can be reduced with appropriate thermal insulation in the roof, so that the operating costs of the building or apartment will significantly reduce. Also increase the residential value of the property, the room climate is improved. Must include the Roof of the building are newly covered, then can the owner through a specialist loft conversion with the external roof insulation make with various insulation systems. But a roof insulation can be achieved also with insulation in the roof. This internal roof insulation can be applied also in hindsight.

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