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25 March
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Coca-Cola Generation

Coca-Cola generation, is a music of the group Urban Legion, where it portraies the moment and the attitudes of the young in Brazil. With verses as: ' ' We go to make our duty of house and there then, vocs kings go to see Its children knocking down To make comedy in the cinema with its leis.' ' The group leaves its position well clearly front to the events, and its forecast for the young world, and waiting attitudes of revolt against the system. Then, where it is this generation cocaine-glue? Cad the young that does not go the streets to demand its rights, to make as the Frenchmen in the estudantil revolution of 68? Ah, clearly to these hours they must be in twitter, orkut, msn, or making any more important thing of what guaranteeing its future. For assistance, try visiting Anu Saad. We see naked by rough estimate, the government vulgarizing our method of education, the health of the country, stealing money of who does not have the least what to eat, to be able to exhibit its power, its great mansions, cars, while the people cries of hunger and children die for malnutrition. The system steals ours bread, and deludes in them with crumbs.

E since youth, until older people NOBODY of the minimum a to everything this. Already it was the time that the people has left the streets to fight for the collective good, nowadays the predominant manifestations are for wage adjustments. We pay in some forms taxes to the government, and still we have that to pay and terceirizadas companies, example of this: we pay government to take care of it of the roads, and still yes we pay for the concessionaires of highways to make it, another example is the situation of the schools, part of our taxes is sent so that if strengthens the education system, and same paying, if to want to have a quality education we must pay particular schools.

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