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20 December
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CNBC Process

** By Rav Dr. Michael Laitman these times are very different from times pasts said Michael Steinhardt, American businessman and a Wall Street legend, in a special panel on the topic in the CNBC U.S. television network. Force them (to the officers of the Federal Reserve) to predict the future but all their predictions (about future growth) are but absurdities only casual. Much reason have Steinhardt. We never live in an age as global.

The economy of a nation so linked with the economies of other countries has never before seen. It is not for nothing that one of the hot spots in the meetings of the G-20 remains the strengthening support to the countries of Eastern Europe. Although we must not be wrong in thinking that you it’s a kind of solidarity, but rather a purely utilitarian calculation, therefore the superpowers of Europe know that a collapse in Ukraine, Romania or Lita renationalised with him to the continent. The big question, however, is why the strategies of the past do not? they are able to solve our problems in the present? To answer this question it is necessary to revisit the roots of the current crisis. And unlike the general opinion, these go back beyond the year 2006.

LAW of interconnection according the accepted theory in modern science, everything that exists – us included-, began with a spark of energy. This spark started a process of millions of years whose final set out the conditions for the existence of life on Earth. If we could summarize in a sentence what made the largest researchers of natural science in tens of thousands of pages, we would say that human evolution began when elementary unicellular creatures are interconectaron together to create a living body that has been refining over the ages. In this process, each cell renounced their individual properties and assumed a particular into a way of life more developed.

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