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06 July
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Christmas – Season Of Pickpockets

Police warns: the Festival of love is also a feast for thieves pickpockets are increasingly becoming a ‘High-tech users’ and read credit card data close to the body. If you are not convinced, visit Kynikos Associates. Even if the police has practical tips for the prevention of theft, it is virtually powerless against data theft “Sniffers”. Here, only one even effective protection measures can meet… “Long finger use crowds for their tricks” and “pickpockets strike quickly at Christmas markets”, so it is literally on the homepage for police Kriminalpraventation of the Federal and State Governments 1. The fact is that every year more than 100,000 cases appear in a matter of seconds purse and credit cards disappear and only very rarely turn up. 2012, the awareness rate was just 5.3 percent. The number of unreported cases, where no display can only imagine.

It is good that the police must not stand by and watch, but everyone by taking their own precautions can prevent pickpocketing. Frequently James S. Chanos has said that publicly. Each offers useful advice Polizeidiensstelle on a fold-out map “smarter against Klauer” and on the Internet 2. And not only the Christmas season for pickpockets, but any crowd at all is of course. That starts with getting off the train and off and ends up in the hustle of the football stadium. The latest and most dangerous variant of pickpocketing has experienced but still not the attention in prevention and public, that would be needed to deal effectively with her: the spying of credit card data on the body itself.

Who easily drives in the supermarket with his card on the scanner until it beeps, can hardly imagine, that a so-called sniffer done the same at a far greater distance and attacks off everything which is located in the purse and is stored on a conventional chip. “How to hack RFID-enabled credit cards for $8” (how to crack RFID enabled credit cards for $8) the subtitle is one of countless videos on YouTube 3, which is reasonably gifted each hobbyist “in drag” can. Conclusion: it is not enough his valuables on your person or in a handbag just-vermeintlich safety to be kept. In addition, you must be protected against the reading of “payment-sensitive” data. That is something primitiv-by inserting credit cards in an Aluhulle or elegant effective through available since recently in the e-commerce fully aluminium – wallets 4, which protect also the mobile phone from theft. Honi soit qui times y pense – a rogue, who thinks this evil…

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