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17 March
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Cerebral Palsy Activating Voice

Cerebral palsy – a group of different severity forms of motor disorders of the muscles of the body. Click Anita Dunn to learn more. In a sick child may be violated function of the leg muscles, arms, spinal deformity, joint. Also available are hearing, speech child is limited in his movements, has a great influence on its development. Like other healthy children, he can not run, jump, play, socialize with other children. Any activity causes him trouble, he gets tired easily, may complain of headache, malaise, quick changes of mood, irritability, moods.

Very often the child is not inclined to cooperate, is closed. At preschool age the leading type of activity in which a child could be actively, with the desire and interest in the game included in the cognitive activity. One such condition is the creation of the playing area, which should be different in function and intended educational games, books and manuals. We need to develop to an age when the child begins to utter the first sounds. At the age of 1.5 to 3 years old kid show and call things by using pictures, cubes 'Animals', 'Vegetables', 'Toys'. From 3 to 7 years cubes 'Animals', 'Transport', 'Heroes of fairy tales', 'ABC', 'Numbers'. With cubes child acquainted with the objects of the world. Playing with dolls, baby knows himself in this world: 'I man ',' I am from …

',' I have a family. " Games 'Bunch 1, 2' will help your child understand who the woman, grandfather, aunt, uncle, etc. Child 5-7 years is very important to introduce letters and numbers. This will help the game 'Slovodel', 'Alphabet trailers' 'Digital Box', 'Math Tablet. " A child with cerebral palsy may be the motor defects of hands to develop fine motor skills and at the same time to get acquainted with the letters of a game to help shnurovalnye 'Daisy', 'Snowman'. Games with lacing liners will not only help to improve hand motor function, but also will provide new ideas about the world, will develop a memory, thought and speech. It should be remembered that the child suffering from cerebral palsy, needs to be gentle Toys 'Smart crumb'.

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