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24 February
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Caricias Analysis

This research continued thanks to the ITAA (international transactional analysis Association) founded by the same e. Berne and has deepened some concepts of transactional analysis or this investigation continued thanks to the ITAA (international transactional analysis Association) founded by the same e. Berne and has allowed deepen certain concepts of transactional analysis or provide different developments within the theory. Principles of transactional analysis. -The philosophy of transactional analysis, based on the humanist philosophy, based on the principle that all are born good. Berne said metaphorically all are born Princes and princesses. Then in our relationships with others we take self-limiting decisions with which we become enchanted frogs or toads.

-The second principle on which is based the A.T, is that we all have a certain human potential determined by genetic, circumstantial health and social constraints of origin and provenance, but a true human potential, that we can develop. External constraints to the development of our human potential, and above all the internal limitations decided early, produce unhappiness, the self-limitation of the personal skills to solve problems and confront life and ultimately the pathology. In such a way that I am responsible for my life and I decide what is good for me at all times, if I don’t enjoy life is because I decided the right thing for me. -The third principle that bases its philosophy the A.T, is that all we can change in the pursuit of autonomy and we have the resources to do so, these resources can be personal or relational and include the possibility of taking new decisions more autopotenciadoras.Transactional analysis based theory of personality and human relations in the analysis of:-States of the self (parent, adult and child) – the Transactions: (communication with others, verbal and non-verbal) – Las Caricias (signs of recognition) – the psychological games (Tracker, victim, Salvador) Los scripts of life (program that continues the rest of life) – Los contracts (mobilizes toward the resolution of the problem) States I (father child adult).

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