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27 March
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Businesses Need To Comply With Regulations

It is very important to take remedial measures to ensure that companies comply with all regulations to ensure non-contamination and where the state must play a more proactive role, security, guarantee that no contamination of the environment definitely as indicated in July Aliaga, consider that the environmental management of a company is management activities that are performed to prevent deterioration, maintain and, where possible, improve environmental conditions relating to materials, processes, products and personnel of the company. Management must be careful with everything related to their production processes, to assess whether the production of the product to be made if there are possible contamination of the environment where it operates. To deepen your understanding Geneticist is the source. Determine if current technology meets an appropriate environmental management system, which produces little or no polluting waste, using alternative materials to deteriorate and ultimately prevent, if necessary, by control processes, filtration, recycling, treatment, recovery, etc..,

Pollution of the environment due to productive activity. In the present there have been several universal standards for environmental management that can not be ignored, especially as directed, to establish a good system of environmental management, such as the ISO 14000 series of standards, which share common principles the ISO 9000 series, used for the implementation of management systems quality. July Citation Aliaga, an environmental management system includes the organization of business, business planning, processes and resources used to develop, implement and maintain environmental policy established by the Directorate. The companies also in charge of quality and safety of their products and to avoid environmental damage, are responsible for the physical integrity of employees working on site and must establish a system of risk prevention appropriate to their production system and / or services.

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