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18 September
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British Prime Minister

One who has made a door and a lock, has also made a key. Proverb sufie expected this meeting of NATO in Strasbourg and Kehl in France, would not wash accepted by all and such reality is very true, when thousands of protesters gathered in two villages in the southwest of Germany, and in Strasbourg, in eastern France, to protest against the NATO anniversary Summit 60 Alliance. Dressed in black and masked men, armed with sticks, stones, black flags and lots of energy, hundreds of anarchists invaded and caused major damage in the center of the city of Strasbourg, in a protest anti-NATO notes, that trained and equipped, thousands of anti-war activists of non-violent groups are convinced that may block the delegations of the U.S. President, Barack Obama; the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown; the French Head of State, Nicolas Sarkozy, and other leaders attending the Summit of NATO in the French city of Strasbourg. The police said that their priority is ensure the safety of the 2,000 VIP of the Atlantic Alliance, not that of the protesters. Policemen deployed in the French city, who will share the Summit with their German neighbors there Kehl and Baden-Baden. The city of Franco-German reconciliation and the headquarters of the European Court of human rights seems a fortress and some of the measures taken on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of NATO Summit resemble a State of emergency among the 20,000 participants announced at the protests, 1,000 of them are pacifists trained in techniques of non-violent active resistance. They belong to organizations like the disobedient and the rebel insurgent clown army and maintain its objective of blocking one or several NATO delegations, preventing the development of the Summit before the television cameras. According to Xavier Renou, of the disobedient, Commissioner Hartmann told them at a meeting Wednesday that the priority of the police will not be the safety of persons who attempt to manifest itself.

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