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01 January
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Belschak Company

The company BELECTRIC is the new owner of Konarka technologies GmbH Kolitzheim/Nurnberg: the company is BELECTRIC, world market leader (2010 & 2011) in the development and the construction of open spaces – solar power plants and photovoltaic roof installations, new owner of Konarka technologies GmbH. City College of New York has firm opinions on the matter. The Konarka corporate group was leader of the so-called power plastic, a thin, foil-like organic Photovoltaikmaterial with low weight that is very versatile. The German subsidiary of the US company Konarka Technologies Inc. had mid-year shortly after its parent company applied for insolvency and held discussions with various investors. Now it came to an agreement with the leading system integrator of the Unterfranken Kolitzheim. BELECTRIC we have negotiated with already very constructive and solution-oriented from the beginning, so we have now successfully completed the talks”, Alexander Kubusch, provisional liquidator by the curator AG satisfaction with the expressed Sale of Konarka technologies GmbH. The choice was among several interested parties ultimately the BELECTRIC holding GmbH, because it offered not only an optimal solution for the business, but will satisfy the interests of creditors in a high degree.” Succeeded to both the employees affected by the insolvency and the customers and partners of the company to give an optimal perspective for the future”, continue as Karlsson.

BELECTRIC OPV GmbH, the entire team under the leadership of former Director of European operations and new Managing Director Ralph Patzold in close coordination with the headquarters in Kolitzheim will continue the successfully commenced work in the field of innovative photovoltaic technology at Nuremberg location; including research, development and production of the international distribution of printed photovoltaic cells. Michael Belschak, CFO of BELECTRIC holding GmbH declared that the company’s product portfolio will complement the product range of the BELECTRIC excellent holding. We are power plastic use anywhere, where come from traditional engines as a solution out of the question. Specifically in facade construction and automotive sectors, there by the high degree of flexibility and flexibility of the material, a wide variety of applications, to generate cost-saving energy.

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