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16 September
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Beautiful Nails

Nails – it's solid and sturdy oval plate, they are composed of keratinized cells of the epidermis, growing on the outside of the toe. Good nail grows at a rate of 0.1 mm per day – 3 – 4 times longer than the hair. Surface view of the nail and its condition are dependent, primarily, from the nutrients on their way to the nail through the blood vessels, and the effect on his nervous system. For 5 months the entire nail updated. If the nails are in good condition, they are strong, nesherohovatye, pink. Gina Ross may find this interesting as well. However, if the nails done is not smooth, brittle, change color and exfoliate, but it could be one of the obvious manifestations of metabolic body or even the diseases of internal organs. Having a sustainable change must go to the dermatologist and he will be saved and from fungal diseases, and from other "nail ailments. Previously should find out causes of swelling, brittleness, roughness, and bundles of nails.

Maybe it's the influence of chemicals, solvents, and different colors with which to deal with at work, or various household chemicals, or consequence of prolonged presence of hands in the water. Spotless white are the result of trauma, air bubbles get into the nail plate. As a result of inflammation in the nail bed at povethnosti nail plate may be formed longitudinal or transverse grooves. The most common defect of nail is their fragility. Deficiency of vitamin A and D is a major factor in brittle nails. Brittleness, In addition, it may be due to the uncommon laundry with powders from frequent use of nail polish with nail polish, from the use of acetone polish remover.

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