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02 December
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Balkar People

In a series of “vague” place-names of Kabardino-Balkaria, a special place names of settlements of the mountainous republic. Such names as Bulungu, Byzyngy, Ushur, I thought Kurnoyat, some others even involved followers of the theory iranoyazychiya Alan as an argument in determining the substrate etnogeneratsionnogo modern Balkar. It should be noted that while the desire to justify the most “convenient” hypothesis is often runs counter to common sense – as it happened with the interpretations of the toponym Ushur presented some Ossetian researchers. It is clear that the etymology of the name of tribal ownership of the main characters Nart epic (kind Shurtukovyh – in Karachay-Balkar version) has a special significance, but also understand that any withdrawals in Sanskrit can not shake is absolutely stable and transparent Turkic number of “al-kurt” – “Al-hartag” (Incidentally, it is saved as part of Ossetia nartiady) – “mustache-hurtuk” – “ushur,” which, strictly speaking, means “noble wolf.” Similarly, yields and etymology of the name “Byzyngy” (in Russian transcription – “Bezengi”) In addition, it allows the analysis to lift the veil of secrecy over the small but very interesting field of ethnic history of the Balkar People. The word “Bezengi” know the culture of the Turkic peoples. The various phonetic modifications (“Berzengi”, “bisingi”, “Bezengi” etc.) There is in it Turkmens, Uighurs, Kyrgyz, Karakalpak. Everywhere means mythical people, distinguished by unusual ferocity in battle and, sorry, a penchant for cannibalism. The author of these lines connects the toponym “Bezengi” with ethnonym and identifies the people, “Bezengi” with Pechenegs – for several reasons. .

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