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21 March
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Autonomous Communities

In late 2009, this business model were employed 222 660 people, representing 12% of total employment retail. In this sense, in the words of Mariano Alonso, founder and Managing Director General of mundoFranquicia consulting, “Formula for its character of self-employment, in a situation of deteriorating employment figures in our country, the franchise continues to see increased their occupancy ratios, a feature we expect to see increased in 2010 before the start of many businesses by people who have lost or may lose their jobs. ” u Among the sectors that more jobs are generated in the first place, the hospitality restaurant, which employs 69 533 people. Here are the activities of travel agencies, with 17 239 employees supply, with 13 172, and clothing fashion, with 12 133. Investment u At the end of last year, total investment disbursed for the 823 openings teach establishments that make up the Spanish franchise system was EUR 4696.2 million, representing an average investment of 76 112 euros per opening. u investment sectors that were conducted in this order: hospitality restaurant, with 1771.9 million; clothing fashion, with 311.4 million; food, with 230.3 million, and hairdressing beauty cosmetics, with 224.4 million euros invested.

u autonomous analysis as to the location of the central 823 franchisors in the Autonomous Communities that make up the map of Spain, reveals that Madrid is the region which includes a greater number of plants, with 192 (23.3% ), followed by Cataluna, with 155 (18.8%), Valencia, with 102 (12.4%), and Andalusia, with 90 networks (10.9%). u However, Catalonia is the community where most businesses operate on a franchise basis, with 18 604. In second place is the region of Madrid, with 12 877, Valencia is third with 5244, and Andalusia, the fourth, 4287 establishments. u In turn, the Community of Madrid is the most bills in the entire franchise in our country, to 4457.4 million euros, and that generates more jobs, with 51 888 jobs. Hear from experts in the field like Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. for a more varied view. Catalonia is followed with a turnover of 3903.2 million and 46 518 jobs, and Valencia, with 2789.4 million turnover and 29 160 jobs. Values when assessing the data from this study “The Franchise in Figures 2009”, Pablo Gutierrez Porcuna, Managing Partner of mundoFranquicia consulting, believes “we can not say that the franchise has been employed to reduce turnover and recruitment. No However, numerous business closures and the disappearance of teaching has been somewhat offset by the creation of new channels and opening new outlets, variables that could have been higher without limitation credit to facing widely the Spanish SME.

” Regarding the behavior of the system during the current year, Alonso, provides that “the downturn continued in our country in 2010, and presumably the franchise adversely affected. We will see probably a continuation of the slowdown in growth that the franchise is already showing in the variables of openings, employment generated and Billing, ends. About mundoFranquicia Consulting the company is expert in providing consulting services to franchisors at any stage of the process: planning and definition, development, adaptation and improvement. It operates a system called expansion Openings Management Consulting, which based the growth of the chain in providing consulting services particularized in each integration operation of a new franchisee, considering all the steps necessary for the opening of the new business unit and, ultimately, directly addressing franchising roles in building the network.

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