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07 March
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Anton Kalabin

"Informal communication environment runs mechanisms by which manifests specificity for both employers and candidates – not just the skills, experience and willingness to work for a certain rate, but many details associated with the professional stereotypes, socio-psychological aspects of personality "- emphasizes Anton Kalabin, ceo of distribution company "Kvikmarket. At the same time, according to Olga Rybalova, team leader of recruitment personnel center "UNITY", "social networks are not direct competitors traditional recruitment agencies. The fact that highly qualified candidates are rarely willing to disclose information that they are in search of work. So, for example, in the West social networking and staffing firms peacefully coexist is not the first year. The same will be and we have. " From hand to hand search efficiency of staff within professional communities indirectly proves the famous experiment carried out exactly 40 years ago, in 1967, American psychologist Stanley Milgram, conjectured about the "six degrees of remoteness (Six Degrees of Separation), or six handshakes.

" Its essence boils down to what each person on the planet with the other person connects a chain of six acquaintances. What is needed is 6, not 5 or 7 degrees of remoteness for the transmission of information, Milgram found in the experiment, during which residents of a small provincial town of Omaha in was handed out 300 envelopes. They had to pass a certain person who was living in Boston, Massachusetts. And only through their relatives and friends. To only the recipient has reached 60 out of 300 envelopes.

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