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19 November
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Ageing Beauty

Like women to be beautiful and radiant in every moment of the day and the year, but when you get older, our skin already does not remain the same as before, and loses elasticity, deeper wrinkles appearing first lines of expression, and more later. For this reason appeared techniques such as collagen which is one of the proteins of the dermis that keeps the union of subcutaneous tissues and whose endings holds the skin, giving it firmness and smoothness; or hyaluronic acid that is present in our joints, cartilage and skin, but over the years makes this is diminishing more and more, for what the injections with this acid produced being removed Perioral wrinkles (around the mouth) and fill the nasogenian grooves. Both techniques require that the substance is injected into the skin. For the less risky or more fearful to injections, there are various antia-arrugas facial creams. One of the most recent and innovative creams, is the new Anew Clinical derma-full X 3 Avon.Este facial filler presents the same quality of grade injectable hyaluronic acid used by professionals for anti-aging treatments. To continue reading it enters definitive depilation method StarLight. More beauty tips, click here. Original author and source of the article

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