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30 July
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Holy Spirit

After midnight, the little finger prick right hand. And the buckles on the back side contact with blood: My – himself will repay its krovushku not give it. Belt put himself under the pillow. And the next day to return to the owner saying to myself, strap-strap, leather-wrapped friend, I performed a service, nice tie for me. I noticed a cute, I strap marked. Pochuet heart, lead belt. Servant of God (Name) dorozhenku me find it.

Key. Castle. Keanu in the chamber’s tower. From now and forever. Amen. Amen.

Amen. Love spell on your toes socks – this is a thing necessary and important, though perhaps not particularly romantic. And so to make on Thursday afternoon, go to the store. It is necessary that you did it all alone. For even more analysis, hear from cardiologist. Buying socks, throw a quick glance over my left shoulder and say: buy socks – got hold dear when you get home, wash the socks in running water and say: In water skipping socks – cute tamed. Socks from the cold you will save your toes to my will. Socks will give – will give themselves, and will give yourself, so you’ll get. I call my sound, my word modeling. From now and forever. Now and forever. Amen. Socks need to give on Sunday utrom.Klassichesky spell on the photo ritual complex. But very effective. In the night from Thursday to Friday, full moon, take a nice photograph. Pressed to his heart and say: How do you slave God (name), firmly pressed, so let the love you as hard squeeze. After this picture put on the table, and behind it – a church candle. Candle light. On a sheet of paper (with straight edges!), With a candle (electric light one must turn off), write: Leaving me God’s servant (name), crossing himself, praying to our Lord, out of the house but the gate, but out of the gate into the yard, the yard but in the clear. I’m not going to sleep, I will walk until the morning eye somknu, melancholy his pokormlyu. You, my sorrow, go to my restriction, you my sorrow, go to my dear, are you, my sadness, dropping to his bedside, you, my sorrow, harm to his health. You instilled in him only a dream, you instilled in him only one wish – as a pet embrace God’s servant (name) as soon think of her and as soon as her and to love. To dumalperedumal about her night night, so he changed his mind thinking about her all day to think about her every thought better of a second, every minute, every hour. As written and fulfilled as it is written, so did he. In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen. The paper should be burnt in the flame of a candle. Burning, say fire speech will take fire in his heart be buried words. Heart breaks out – a servant of God (Name) to the servant of God (name) love inflamed.