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06 June
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There’s no denying that the current trade and economic revolution and the same uncertainty that is this living, during the last decades. He did create an accessible global infrastructure, by its low cost and universality, to all businesses, however small that is. The changes are so large and important that it is urgent to identify markets that are being formed to help large and small entrepreneurs to recognize opportunities and threats for your business. It is also essential to make estimates of the size of these markets. Indicates, that this rapid growth that have arisen as a result of changes made within organizations, is party attributable to his strength as a means of transformation and innovative through communications, education and functions, and, more recently, as a tool for technological advancement, which is not more than a direct way of doing business (among companies and) between them and their customers) in which puts at the disposal of the user (either buyer or seller) innovative technology to ensure, among other advantages the quality of products or services. The same computer, Internet, electronic media have a decisive role in the present that cannot be ignored.

Of course, that should be borne in mind that technology day by day changes within organizations is a concept in continuous evolution, which is laying the foundations for a new business order in which geographic barriers, distance and time are not an obstacle. It is known also, that many studies have demonstrated that technological change is a critical factor to set up economic growth, and get it well or badly can have major consequences on the business, which is true in the individual business environment, the scope of sectors and the national. Notes regarding the importance of the subject, that the change of management is nothing more than a way of put in practice the change or innovation in the enterprise in a structured way, provided that it involves an organizational transformation of the way in which the company makes things.