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15 April
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Healthy Methods

Many people, when they want to lose weight, end up trying things that are fads or simply do not work. The truth is that you need to live a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits. And this is not as fast as other methods, but if they are healthy and will work. Here are some safe methods to lose weight that you have in mind. Safe methods to lose weight 1. Ponte a goal. Keep a fixed number of weight that would like to see in the balance.

You are more likely to succeed with your weight loss if you have something to wait and to that aim. 2 Remove all the garbage from your kitchen. I.e. chips, cookies and cakes, they torture you only and you tempt. A great way to avoid this is to review all your kitchen and throw things that are not healthy. That would be something like the ingredients that can not pronounce, and things with a high calorie / low nutrient loading, as well as products with too much sugar, this is a great method to lose weight. 3. Improving your time management.

A large amount of people say they simply don’t have time to exercise or eat healthy food. This is an excuse without sense. If your boss asks you to do exercise, you take it seriously and do it. They are not your own goals as important as your boss? Establishes priorities for exercise and take the time to get healthy foods that you can eat. 4 Cooking your own food. Maybe you can believe that you can not cook well, but that’s why there are recipes. The recipes are available in innumerable sources. When you make your own food instead of going out to eat several times a week, you have control of the ingredients. You know exactly what you’re preparing, you can plan the amount of calories you eat, make your own food is a method for effective weight loss. 5 Drink plenty of water. You may have heard this, but without a doubt is absolutely true. Water may slightly speed up the metabolism, and it has been shown that the body can not tell the difference between hunger and thirst. It’s drinking water before each meal or snack and begin to feel a little more complete. Without doubt one of safe weight loss methods is sleeping well 6. The dream. Many studies have shown that deprive themselves of sleep is a State of mind very real, and in some cases, a physical problem. In fact, less sleep you have, you have most likely to gain weight. If you are making only 3 to 4 hours of sleep every day, this is something you have to take very seriously. You have to be around 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Do if you manage to do so not only you’ll be able to lose weight, you will also feel much more rested and able to cope better with the rest of your life.? Safe weight loss methods are a long-term plan. Not just lose weight, also must maintain the weight. If you follow the tips in this article, you will be able to take decisions healthy and safe to lose those extra pounds. Good luck! You try everything and can’t lose weight?

12 April
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Bach Flowers For Health

The Bach flower remedies are effective and healthy to feel good in body and soul. Floral medicine intends to harmonize our emotional equilibrium guiding us through negative feelings that we experience and once again showing us the light. Safe and effective for anyone (adults, children,) even animals and plants, they are shown for the person and not a physical ailment in particular. Dr Bach discovered after long scientific and personal research that our personality and emotional point of view are generally responsible for our mental and physical well-being. Bach flower therapy helps us to think and to feel more positively thus re-establishing a general improvement of the self as a whole. Assuming that the disease is inevitably the result of loss of balance between the soul and the personality, flower essences harmonize energy. The result is the free feelings stagnant to get directly to our essence and act from what we are and not from what we are accustomed to do. The purpose of the flowers of Bach is the give to every being of the possibility of balancing the thought with action and domestic needs: allows us to retrieve security in ourselves so open us to a way more spiritual harmony and fullness.

Dr. Bach remedies acting on the deepest levels of our being helping to alleviate the problems of the soul and restore the sense of reality. Even is not to replace other therapies but to complement them. Medical English Edward Bach argued that mostly physical discomforts arose as a result of an emotional disorder, then is what should heal first.

09 April
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Waves Health

Given the large number of emails that I have received, through consultation and discussing certain aspects about my previous article on wifi and health I will proceed to expand it a little more. As had previously been the electromagnetic waves are classified into ionizing and non-ionizing ionizing waves (> 3000 Thz) are harmful, so these or closer, all the others, in which we would find the wireless systems are regulated at European level, for the reason that a wave despite being not ionizing can produce different effects on matter therefore of the power levels used. These effects of non-ionizing waves are classified as thermal effects, photochemical and athermic. These effects are reflected in the tables of specific absorption rates also known as values of W/Kg SAR tables. or mW/cm2 and on average of 6 min. exposure times Perhaps the more worrying are thermal effects, non-ionizing waves would find that you for equal or superior to 4W/Kg absorption values. the body temperature would increase by 1?(C) what would be considered a harmful non-ionising wave. Athermic effects of non-ionizing waves are still in experimental phase however are regulated at the level of recommendation.

It should be noted that who has not found any harmful effect in non-ionizing waves (under the top levels of European regulation) on health in more than 100 studies. It finalizare a small relative powers and health: 0. 45mW/cm2 = European regulations concerning electromagnetic absorption in tissues (SAR) 4mW/cm2 = possibility of thermal effects, photochemical or athermic 40mW/cm2 = possibility of harmful effects on matter. 60mW/cm2 = threshold of risk to health.